International Research Journal for Social Science and corporate Excellence: IRJSSCE, a journal for social cause……
International Research Journal for Social Science and Corporate Excellence (IRJSSCE) is a journal under International society for social services i.e. ISSS, a registered independent Society, explores the hidden talent which is suppressed by social compulsion and social taboos, encourage them for their higher education by extending support function in terms of research publications in the international forum. It comprise of delivering supports and services to education professionals and researchers around the world in general and India in particular, it encourages and explores talent irrespective of their countries and states. It is the association of Scientists, Research scholars, Professors, Directors, Managers, Engineers, persons of various fields like Education, Engineering, Management, mostly from social science background. It helps exceptionally talented needy Students, researchers in their grooming in free of cost by providing a new direction in their research area with the help of its worldwide social research association members in general and India in particular. This Initiative has a distinguished mission, to help the research personnel irrespective of their gender, caste, class, age ,country encourage all to publish their quality articles/research papers/creative ideas/ conference and seminar proceedings/manuscripts in IRJSSCE ’s Journals for spreading their research into worldwide readers at every doorstep of world forum.

Our Mission-: To make succeed our clients in such a complex and competitive world by delivering world class qualitative service experience. Extending wide range of solution measures to our client’s needs by understanding their research problems related to their corporate and society as a whole by using our unique online/ offline platform in India and abroad.

Our Philosophy-: Proper Utilization of our expertise and efficiency to meet your needs and resources. We know what it takes you to be a great leader for your society and corporate.


Suchitra Hota(India)

Violence against Women and State Mechanism to Address- With Special Reference to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Soumen Ray(India)

Empowering Women through creation of WSHGs in Chilika Region

Andriamahefa Rindra Lova Ny Aina(Madagaskar)

Diplomacy in the 21st Century.

Mohammad Aslam Popal(Afganistan)

The investment opportunities and its challenges in afghanistan

Forhad Hossain(Bangladesh

Reintegration of Trafficked Children

Archana Kanungo(India)

Towards understanding the importance of Women’s Life Insurance in Indian Society.