International Research Journal for Social Science and Corporate Excellence (IRJSSCE)is a journal consistsof social research and the research of corporate excellence. Knowledge management is the need of corporate for excellence increasingly; ability of an organization to compete in the global market is defined by its ability to manage its knowledge in workforce. It is most apparent in knowledge-intensive industries such as product, and Service Industries. However, knowledge management through corporate excellence has become an important issue in all type of organizations and industries. It is being said that only those organizations that are able to create a culture for corporate excellence will survive and grow. It is in this context that this journal is designed to examine and understand some of the problems being experienced in implementing knowledge management systems in Indian organizations and abroad. Further, this initiative also focused on identifying what needs to be done to manage and institutionalize knowledge management processes and to create organizational culture for managing and motivating knowledge workers. This journal mainly focuses on the applicability of Knowledge Management in organizations in terms of their characteristics and contribution for the corporate excellence and social issues will emphasize in social science research through IRJSS where as corporate excellence is highlighting in IRJCE.


Suchitra Hota(India)

Violence against Women and State Mechanism to Address- With Special Reference to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

Soumen Ray(India)

Empowering Women through creation of WSHGs in Chilika Region

Andriamahefa Rindra Lova Ny Aina(Madagaskar)

Diplomacy in the 21st Century.

Mohammad Aslam Popal(Afganistan)

The investment opportunities and its challenges in afghanistan

Forhad Hossain(Bangladesh

Reintegration of Trafficked Children

Archana Kanungo(India)

Towards understanding the importance of Women’s Life Insurance in Indian Society.